A Thank You Letter to Music

Dear Music, Thank you for being a constant in my life , especially this past year. You were with me when I was most alone. Bringing joy to even the worst moments. I’ve known you all my life but this year we seem to have grown closer. You are there for me through everything; giving […]

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Should non-binary genders be recognized ?   Throughout history due to many factors such as social expectations and political structures etc. there have been certain traits, jobs, activities or interests attributed to specific genders essentially assigning them roles. Although gender fluidity has been present in pop culture for a while through famous people such as […]

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Human Spectacle

In our world change is something that is necessary to our evolution. However if we look back at history change has always been met with resistance. Examples of this would be the printing press. The printing press was a shift from the hand written book to one that was machine printed. This allowed for there […]

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An Open Letter To Rosslyn

¬†One of the most important ways that creativity helps us is through problem solving. Creativity enables individuals to look at a challenging situation and to come up with different ways to tackle it. This is a very significant quality that is needed in leaders, politicians, engineers, teachers etc. that is need for society to successfully […]

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Our Education System

Education is critical to our advancement as a human race as It provides us with opportunities and helps shape us as people.When we look around some of the most prominent issues in the world, a consistent part of most solutions is education and awareness. Although it is clear that education is of such paramount importance, […]

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K – Dot

Why is Kendrick Lamar one of the best rappers of our generation? The first time I encountered Kendrick Lamar was in seventh grade, I was in the middle of a youtube spiral when I fell across one of his music videos. After then proceeding to binge on all things K-Dot, I quickly became a fan […]

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Into the Wild

I recently read the book Into The wild by Jon Krakauer. The book is centred around a 24 year old American from Northern Virginia, Chris Mccandless. After graduating college Chris packed up his relatively small bag of belongings in his car and pretty much left civilization to go ‘into the wild.’ Having being found dead […]

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